Declutter Now! by Lindon and Sherry Gareis

Declutter Now! by Lindon and Sherry Gareis

Need more time, energy, money, freedom & joy? Declutter Now! can help!

Genre: Inspirational, Self-Help, Daily Living


Book Description
We all have too much STUFF! Not just tangible things, but also the
harmful clutter we allow to take up residence in our hearts, minds,
bodies, and souls.

EVERY area of your life must be decluttered for you to live with the joy and freedom God desires!
* We’ll clean out closets, relationships, and finances.
* We’ll share ideas on decluttering your children’s lives from the get-go, and how to instill tools they’ll need to keep them that way.
* We’ll navigate through challenges at work and critical career
* Are you burdened by emotional ties that bind or physical problems which keep you in bondage? We’ll tackle those too!
* Does your spiritual life feel empty or stalled? We desire to help!

Declutter what you don’t need to make room for what really matters. Less can truly be more!
* Do you long for more peace and harmony in your life?
* Do you desire more quality time with family?
* Are you seeking relief from financial burdens?
* Are you ready to release the grip of guilt and obligation?
* Do you yearn for an increased ability to serve God?

Declutter Now! is for REAL people dealing with REAL life! Discover the tremendous joy possible when living a decluttered life for Christ.

Author Notes
Negative clutter can invade every area of your life—not just your closets. Relationships, finances, kids, jobs, health and spiritual wellbeing are all adversely impacted by the unnecessary and harmful stuff we accumulate and hold onto. That could be physical junk or emotional baggage. We know this from firsthand experience.

In Declutter Now! we encourage readers to declutter every area of life: your heart, mind, body, soul and home. We find false security in our stuff. We keep company with the wrong people for the wrong reasons. We hold on to negative and painful feelings. Think about all of the unnecessary things we gather from these behaviors and choices—stagnant lifestyles, needless and excessive stuff, financial debt, obligation, guilt, extra weight, anger, hurt, discontentment, addictions; the list is endless.

Declutter Now! will help the reader let go of those negative influences that impact our quality of life and our relationship with God. Since decluttering removes what you don’t need and gives you more of what you do, it only makes sense your spiritual journey will benefit too. Less is More!

Declutter Now! is for REAL people dealing with REAL life! Discover the tremendous joy possible when living a decluttered life for Christ.

Now – Also Available – The Declutter Now! 8 Week Study Guide, a comprehensive, step by step approach, designed to coach and motive you to take action. Thought and conversation provoking questions, inspiration and relevant scripture, helpful resources, and practical application. Don’t delay – START TODAY!

Book Excerpt

When most of us think of removing junk, we often isolate the
thought to only physical tasks such as cleaning out the garage or a closet.
It has become big business and there are now companies specializing
in nothing more than removing clutter and organizing space more efficiently.
Networks devote millions of dollars from their budgets to produce
shows that address cleaning out your home, space efficiency, and
exposing people with hoarding problems. Obviously there’s an interest in
decluttering and a need for it.

Our theory is that cleaning out clutter shouldn’t just be reserved for
material items. We’re going to challenge you to build upon the decluttering
concept and use it to transform EVERY area of your life—your heart,
mind, body, soul, as well as your home.
When you declutter, you let go of the unnecessary, and letting go
makes room for you to consider the next step. Do you want to leave
the space empty? Should you fill it with something more useful? More
efficient? More pleasurable? Now consider what could happen if you applied
this process to your relationships or finances? How about with your
kids or in your careers? With your mental or physical health? What if you
remove harmful clutter from each part of your life? Are you starting to
grasp the potential for total life change? How much room would be left
for healthy, positive living? Just like a music CD that’s completely full,
you have to remove the unwanted songs before you can add the new favorites
you’re dying to hear. We’ll share with you how decluttering your
life will bring freedom and amazing opportunities that reach far beyond
just your garage or closet.
“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary
so that the necessary may speak” (Hans Hofmann).

Each of us has our own set of personal challenges. We can get complacent
and immerse ourselves in mundane routines and bad habits. We find
false security in our stuff and covet what we shouldn’t. We keep company
with the wrong people for the wrong reasons. We eat for comfort and use
artificial means to numb us. We hold on to negative and painful feelings.
Think about all of the unnecessary things we gather from these behaviors
and choices—stagnant lifestyles, needless and excessive stuff, financial
debt, obligation, guilt, extra weight, anger, hurt, discontentment, addictions;
the list is endless. Consider the negative influence these have
on the quality of our lives and how they impact our relationship with
God. Remove the unnecessary so the necessary has room to surface and
prepare to be amazed at the blessings which will emerge.

Author Bio
gareis headshotLindon and Sherry Gareis, founders of Action Plan Ministries, debut their writing career with Declutter Now! They are small group leaders and certified Christian Life Coaches from Glendale, AZ with hearts that desire to serve God in a mighty way. Lindon and Sherry combine all their life experience to positively impact every day living with practical and purposeful advice. The Gareises have a blended family of three sons and one daughter Trent, 25, Ryan, 24, Devin, 22, and Sarah, 22. In their spare time you will find them writing, boating, hiking, gardening, or hosting a family barbecue. They love being outdoors, love being together, and are committed to a lifelong honeymoon

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The Whispers of Water by Maji Flow

The Whispers of Water by Maji Flow

Hydrate your soul with this powerful and compelling composition.

Genre: Poetry, Devotional, Self-Help


Book Description
This book is a compilation of spoken word derived from my innermost being at my current phase of life and my understanding of it. It unfolds truth told by the Spirit and confirms the revelation of life through biblical reference, praise, poetry, and theology.

Author Bio
Maji Flow is a thirty-year-old mother, graphic designer, and author. She was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and now resides in Houston, Texas. She works as a web and graphic specialist at Core Laboraties and is also a freelance designer for her company, Panther Ink Graphx. She has experience with teaching youth of all ages in after-school programs, and now she is pursuing her purpose to become a voice for people from all walks of life through writing and public speaking.

Maji Flow’s mission is to help people hydrate their spirit with relative words and motivation. Writing is her prophecy, and she feels that it is time to share it with the world. Her plans for writing include poetry, devotionals, children’s books, and revealing her truth through an autobiography.

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Ebook of the Day! Second Time Around by JoAnn Durgin

Second Time Around by JoAnn Durgin

Newlywed Marc Thompson fights the odds to win back his beloved wife.

Genre: Contemporary Christian Romance


Book Description
God’s Time is the Right Time. Marc Thompson is on top of the world-a newlywed with a beautiful wife, the owner of a thriving Boston sports advertising agency, and a century-old home they’re renovating in the suburbs. Then the unthinkable happens. Two months after the wedding, Marc sits in a hospital emergency waiting room after Natalie suffers a horrible fall. One shock follows another. Not only does his wife remember nothing of their life together, but now he has a personal timeline to reconnect with her-seven months. Marc’s gold wedding band mocks him, a glaring reminder of a promise broken by a rotting basement stair and his own negligence.

His renowned psychologist advises him to court his wife again-a daunting task the first time around. Then Marc’s pastor suggests he call Sam and Lexa Lewis of TeamWork Missions, a ministry dear to Natalie’s heart. Determined to help her reclaim her life, the young groom makes great strides until a ghost from the past surfaces, opening fresh wounds and threatening to destroy it all. With Natalie’s trust shattered and Marc’s faith wavering, they head to Milestone Ranch outside Helena, Montana, with TeamWork for a two-week work camp. But instead of romancing his wife in the freezing November temperatures with warm fires and shared sweet moments, he’s out in the cold and back at square one. Even if Natalie recovers her lost memories, will she forgive him? If not, can Marc come to terms with his deepest fear-the failure of his marriage? You’ll root for Marc and Natalie as they fight against the odds and discover that surrendering all at the throne of grace doesn’t mean failure. It’s simply called faith. And it might be the only way to finding their way back to one another . . . the second time around.

Reader Reviews on Amazon

“I really enjoyed reading both Awakening and Second Time Around (and stayed up way too late several nights because I simply could not put either book down).” -Rhonda

“I love that your books challenge us in our own life and our personal walk with God.” -Judi B.

“By JoAnn Durgin Again I’m amazed at JoAnn’s writing!” – Larik B.

Author Bio
Joann Durgin headshot v1I like to say I’ve been around in the nicest sense. Meaning that I’m a native of southern Indiana, but have also lived in Texas (Dallas), California (Visalia, Riverside and Moreno Valley), Pennsylvania (Philadelphia), and Massachusetts (Burlington). More specifically, I lived in Big D when J.R. Ewing sat on the wall outside our downtown office building at noon and ate lunch with us lowly working types. I met my husband, Jim, when he was a student at Dallas Theological Seminary, wore a Stetson, answered to J.D. and swaggered – just a little. By the time we married in 1987, it was a case where the girl from Indiana met the guy from Rhode Island in Texas, married in Kentucky, honeymooned in Hawaii and then settled in California. As Sam Lewis would say, “Hang on. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

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Ebook of the Day! The Fourth Kingdom by Joyce Swann

The Fourth Kingdom by Joyce Swann

Top 4 Finalist in the 2011 Christianity Today fiction of the year.

Genre: Suspense / Thriller


Book Description
On a warm September afternoon in the year 2000, Dr. Alexander Sinclair travels to the Doppelganger Genetic Cloning Facility near Santa Fe, New Mexico, to meet with its brilliant but mysterious director, Dr. Karl Helmick. Over the next 21 years, the two scientists collaborate on incredible scientific breakthroughs, as Karl becomes friend, mentor, and father-figure to Alexander. But the longer Alexander knows Karl, the more aware he becomes of how little he knows about him. As the years go by, Alexander becomes increasingly suspicious that his colleague is not who he appears to be. And as Karl prepares to implement his plans for the future, each of the men discovers just how far he is willing to go to live forever.

Reader Reviews on Amazon

“It flows naturally through the story without feeling the least bit contrived.” -T. Mitchell

“I love to read but there are certain books you just can’t put down.” -huskerfans

Author Bio
Joyce Swann headshotJoyce Swann has been a Christian since childhood and a prayer warrior for over forty years. She became nationally-known in the 1990′s because of her work homeschooling her ten children from the first grade through masters’ degrees before their seventeenth birthdays. She has been featured on Paul Harvey’s weekly radio program, CBN and the 1990′s CBS series “How’d They Do That?” She has been interviewed by “Woman’s World”, “The National Enquirer”, and numerous regional newspapers. The story of the Swann family has also been featured in the “National Review” and several books about homeschooling success stories.

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Land of Dust & Tears by Vikki Kestell

Land of Dust & Tears by Vikki Kestell

FREE eBook: The gripping prequel to “A Rose Blooms Twice.”

Genre: Historical Fiction



Book Description
Faith-Filled Fiction at Its Best!

Look for Book 6, Lost Are Found, the compelling conclusion of the series, A Prairie Heritage, November 1!

Land of Dust & Tears is the gripping prequel to the breakthrough historical novel, A Rose Blooms Twice, and is the foundation of the acclaimed series, A Prairie Heritage.

Brothers Jan (Yahn) and Karl Thoresen have left their native land of Norway and braved many perils and hardships to bring their families to America—the land of freedom and hope. Like thousands of others, Jan and his wife Elli long for the opportunity of a better life and a future for their children.

After enduring an ocean crossing and the arduous journey west, they encounter a land so vast and wide that it defies mastery. Jan finds that his struggles are not only with the land, but with a restless and unmanageable heart. Will Jan find a way to overcome this wild land or will the prairie master him?

Book Excerpt
Thunder crashed and echoed over them, so loud they could not hear each other. The tent canvas jumped and fell. For several minutes they sat, still and waiting, yet the storm did not abate. Rather, it increased.
The wind grabbed the canvas, whipping it up and down, up and down. Jan and Karl reached for the outside edges of the tent and held on, but they could feel the canvas being ripped from their hands.
Jan shouted to Karl. “Get our families under the wagons! Let us take the canvas down and wrap ourselves in it before it is torn away!”
Karl, his booming baritone barely heard over the storm, commanded, “Amalie! Take Sigrün! Under the wagon! Hurry!”
Elli, not waiting to be told, grabbed up Kristen and rolled under their wagon. Søren scooted in, and Elli opened her arms to him. She could see Amalie under the opposite wagon, her mouth open, her face white with terror.
Jan ran to the outside of one of the wagons and untied the ropes holding one of the tarpaulins forming their tent. Karl untied his side, wrestled with the flapping canvas, and pulled it in, shoving it at Elli. “Grab this! Hold it tight!”
As Jan loosed the second canvas, Karl dragged it to the ground. The table and benches were now uncovered, the pot of stew left sitting alone. Karl crawled under their wagon, clutching the canvas, trying to spread it over Amalie and Sigrün.
Just before Jan dove for cover, he stared into the heart of the storm . . . at something he had never seen before. A narrow funnel dropped from the clouds to the ground. It skipped and jumped, backed and skittered sideways. And then the clouds sucked the funnel up and it was gone.
Jan stared. What was that? Another crash of thunder jolted him, and the funnel—wider, fully formed, and whirling—dropped from the sky not far from them.
Jan’s mouth opened in astonishment and fear. Then he leapt for cover under their wagon.
Lightning burned their closed eyes and thunder cracked over their heads. And then it was raining. Water poured from an angry sky pounding the ground and the wagons, whipping sideways, streaming under them.
The rain pelting the wagons hardened and became even louder. Jan felt something heavy strike his head. He pulled back the canvas and found a rock made of ice—perhaps a quarter the size of his fist—lying near him!
Hail pounded the wagons, terrifying in its fury. Over the shrieks of the storm Elli and Jan heard something else—Amalie, screaming in terror: “Nei! Nei! Make it stop! Karl, make it stop!”
Jan held Elli as tightly as he could, Kristen and Søren sandwiched between them. He drew the canvas over all of them, pulled it in as tight as he could, and prayed for morning.

Reader Reviews on Amazon

“I plan to read each book of the whole series again while waiting for the final conclusion to the Prairie Heritage series to come out in November 2014.” -Cheryl A.

“I could not put it down and gave it 5 stars.” -Shirley M.

“The rewards however as evidenced in this book, is that God provides peace and direction to those willing to call upon Him.” -Valerie C.

Author Bio
Vikki Kestell headshot v1Vikki Kestell has more than 20 years of career experience as a writing, instructional design, and communications professional in government, academia, semiconductor manufacturing, health care, and nonprofit organizations. She holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Learning and Instructional Technologies.

Vikki is an accomplished speaker and teacher and belongs to Tramway Community Church in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she teaches an evening Bible study for working women. Vikki and her husband Conrad Smith make their home in Albuquerque.

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A Matter of Trust by Brigette Manie

A Matter of Trust by Brigette Manie

She gets what she wants at the cost of what she needs–his trust.

Genre: Romance, Marriage and Conflict, Inspirational


Book Description
For Adrianna Reid (Dri), the word ‘no’ is just a roundabout road to ‘yes’. So when her husband’s every answer to them having a baby is ‘no’, she finds a way to get the response she wants. Here’s the trouble: That secret and winding road to ‘yes’ has consequences that neither she nor her husband, Christopher, will like.

When Christopher discovers what Dri has done, he is furious and vows he’ll never trust her again. She has pulled the wool over his eyes for the first and last time. But when a cruel turn of events sends Adrianna to the hospital, Christopher has a change of heart and vows to cherish rather than punish his wife. Now that he’s ready to exercise forgiveness, she isn’t ready to receive it. He didn’t trust her before and now she doesn’t believe the sincerity of his about-face.

The rift between them widens, and the devil capitalizes on their vulnerabilities at this fragile time. Information comes to light that strikes doubt in Christopher’s heart and makes him wonder if he has placed his trust in Dri too prematurely.

Book Excerpt
“Don’t you dare make this mess about Cindy. I’m the one who never wanted a child. No—”
“You never wanted a child because of what happened to her!” Adrianna interrupted irately.
“I’m not going to let you paint her with your wrongdoing. You knew my position and you went against my will. You lied and deceived me to get what you wanted. You did that and it’s all on you. So don’t bring Cindy into this.”
Adrianna threw up her hands. “Are you listening to yourself? You’re talking about the woman as if she’s still alive. You’re not going to let me ‘paint her’ with my wrongdoing. I can’t paint her with anything. She’s dead, DEAD. And if you want this marriage to last, you’ll recognize that she is D-E-A-D!”
“If I want this marriage to last,” he asked, his tone low, deadly, and dangerous.
Adrianna swallowed and scrambled mentally to regroup. In her anger she’d said the wrong thing. But she was tired of Cindy’s shadow and couldn’t take it anymore.
“You’d better consider if you even have a marriage. You have single handedly destroyed my trust in you by what you did. I don’t trust you, Adrianna and if I don’t trust you, what sort of relationship will we have? Not much of one. And if we don’t have a relationship, my question to you is this: Do we have a marriage?”
Dri clutched her throat and tried to hide the tremor shaking her frame. Was he thinking of divorce? “Wh-what are you saying?” she stammered.

Author Bio
Brigette Manie Headshot v2I’m a voracious reader and a lover of romance. I write the kinds of stories that have always captivated me–Christian romance and romantic suspense. Recently Amazon and readers crowned my novel, All Things Work Together, a bestseller in Kindle ebook inspirational fiction. What a blessing! I am so grateful and walked on air for a whole day (smile). My newest work, Not His Choice, is out and about on Amazon.

A walker and Zumba enthusiast, I like to work out with my daughter, Miranda. I enjoy music and love Tamela Mann’s Take Me to The King and the song Break Every Chain especially when CWC’s (my church) praise team sings it (smile). I’ve added cruising to my list of hobbies since experiencing my first cruise recently.