Great Read! Kept by Sally Bradley

Kept by Sally Bradley

Can a woman with a messy past be accepted by God–and a good man?

Genre: Christian Contemporary Romance, Women’s Fiction


Book Description
Life has taught Miska Tomlinson that there are no honorable men. Her womanizing brothers, her absentee father, and Mark, the married baseball player who claims to love her—all have proven undependable. But Miska has life under control. She runs her editing business from her luxury condo, stays fit with daily jogs along Chicago’s lakefront, and in her free time blogs anonymously about life as a kept woman.

Enter new neighbor Dillan Foster. Between his unexpected friendship and her father’s sudden reappearance, Miska loses control of her orderly life. Her relationship with Mark deteriorates, and Miska can’t help comparing him to Dillan. His religious views are so foreign, yet the way he treats her is something she’s longed for. But Dillan discovers exactly who she is and what she has done. Too late she finds herself longing for a man who is determined to never look her way again.

When her blog receives unexpected national press, Miska realizes that her anonymity was an illusion. Caught in a scandal about to break across the nation, Miska wonders if the God Dillan talks about would bother with a woman like her—a woman who’s gone too far and done too much.

Reader Reviews on Amazon

“Vibrant characters, compelling questions, modern-day issues… Kept is a contemporary Christian classic along the lines of Redeeming Love. Impossible to put down, this story pulls us into the heart of Chicago and shows us how God’s hand can work, even when we repeatedly make the wrong choices. Sally Bradley’s voice is gripping and clear, and her debut is a shining beacon of how very relevant Christian fiction can be.”—Heather Day Gilbert, author of God’s Daughter and Miranda Warning.

“Gutsy and fast-paced.”—Laura Frantz, author of Love’s Reckoning

“One of the most surprising and best books I’ve read this year.”—MaryLu Tyndall, best-selling author of Legacy of the King’s Pirates series

Author Bio
Sally Bradley headshot v1Sally Bradley writes big-city fiction with real issues and real hope.

A Chicagoan since age five, Sally has been fascinated by all things Chicago (except for the crime, politics, and traffic) for almost as long. She now lives in the Kansas City area with her family, but they get back to Chicago from time to time for important things, like good pizza and a White Sox game.

A freelance fiction editor and former president of her local writing chapter, Sally has won a handful of awards for Kept and another work-in-progress.

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Inter Active by William Mohn

Inter Active by William Mohn

This many-layered story builds relentlessly to a shocking climax.

Genre: Thriller, Science Fiction



Book Description
In a life filled with homework, household chores, and social rejection, fourteen-year-old Josh Brook sought an escape from reality in loud music and video games. But when he’s inexplicably drawn into the world of his favorite game, he discovers that not only is life there nothing like a game, but that he has a crucial role to play—one he never would’ve chosen.

Caught up in the midst of a struggle he doesn’t fully understand, Josh discovers that the truth isn’t always clear, and the right choice is often the hardest one to make. Wavering between two sides, he must eventually choose one or the other, realizing his decision will impact not only his own life but the fate of an entire world.

Editorial Reviews
“First-time author William T. Mohn is a master storyteller who peers into the cobwebs of human nature in Inter Active—a real page-turner.”
—Steven R. Hoffbeck, award-winning author of The Haymakers

“Unexpected, exciting techno-coming of age-thriller compels you to read on!”
—Brook Berg, author of What Happened to Marion’s Book?

Author Note
William T. Mohn shares his character Josh’s love of loud music and disdain for chores, but he’s never been inside a video game. He thinks it might be fun (depending on the game, of course). He’s had plenty of adventures in his own life, not the least of which has been teaching middle and high school students around the world.

Bill lives in rural Minnesota with his wife and two kids, where they recently returned after living in Kiev, Ukraine for a year.

Book Excerpt
Josh had no idea how long he’d been walking. Was it a few minutes? Had it been hours, even days? He couldn’t say. He’d passed through a variety of woodlands and grassy meadows, seeing the types of wildlife one would expect on a walk like this. Some things he hadn’t seen were soldiers shooting at him, snakes (he was glad of that) or flying monkeys, as he’d half-expected, given the nature of things. It seemed very unlike a video game and very much like a simple walk in the country. It reminded him of his summer days, rare as they may have been, playing at his grandparents’ farm. He could almost hear Grandpa Paul quoting some wise saying.
Josh would spend hours romping through their 160-acre homestead, one moment hunting dragons, the next fighting aliens, the next storming an enemy machine gun nest. As he remembered those times, his dream-disposed mind couldn’t help but fantasize. He forgot that he had been transported into a video game (as if it were no big deal), and suddenly imagined himself as his beloved creation, McCallister. His hands instinctively assumed the position of carrying an assault rifle, as he scoured the terrain ahead for enemy troops.

All at once, Josh stopped. He heard something that sounded very familiar, yet here it seemed out of place. It was a faint rumble that seemed to be coming from far off in the sky. He looked up, shielding his eyes from the sun, which seemed to be directly overhead, as it would be in the late morning or early afternoon.

Sure enough, there was the glistening image of a jet, leaving a familiar-looking contrail across the deep blue sky.

“They have planes here?” he wondered aloud. Of course, maybe it wasn’t a simple plane, maybe it was something more, something you’d expect to find in a place with a name like Resnica. Perhaps it was a spacecraft, back from the far side of the galaxy, or better yet, a mystical dragon springing into battle against the dark forces of Gast.

Whatever it was, it certainly looked and sounded like a conventional airliner.

Once again he continued on his way, wondering at this development. Maybe it was all a bad dream, and he was at Grandma and Grandpa’s again.

It couldn’t have been more than a few minutes later when his ears again heralded a change in his surroundings. It was an airy sort of sound, like a rushing wind, combined with a very low, faint rumble. Traffic? After he’d walked just a few yards more, his pace quickening, he caught sight of a very ordinary-looking power line.

As pleasant as his walk had been, he was happy to see some signs of civilization. The road appeared to be a typical two-lane paved thoroughfare, complete with a yellow dashed line down the middle. Just up ahead was a road sign, announcing the distance to the next city. It seemed ordinary enough, but upon closer inspection, it differed slightly from those he’d seen back home.

Instead of the white letters on a dark green background Josh was accustomed to, the background of this sign was a dark earthy color, more copper than brown. Just past that sign was another, smaller sign with dark red letters on a field of white. The colors of the signs were Josh’s first clue that something was different. As he approached the first one, the names were nothing he’d ever heard of before. Celane. Noma. Haida.

It was the first of many such discoveries that Josh was to make in Resnica. Things were very close to what he knew from back home, but just a little different, kind of like when an American travels to Canada or Great Britain.

He couldn’t have looked too out of place as he continued on his way walking along the side of the road. The level of traffic was what you’d call average–not rush hour, but not deserted, either. The vehicles that passed were like everything else: the same, yet, just a little different.

His eyes soon fixed upon an approach to the highway—a driveway. There was a mailbox, just like he might see at home. As he got closer, the shape of a house slowly materialized from among the trees.
The house seemed like both an opportunity and an obstacle. Maybe if he went there, the inhabitants could help him get out of this mess. Or, he might find something weird or even threatening. The unknown nature of the situation began to pull his stomach into knots.

Maybe he should just keep going and avoid it. That was the easy and familiar way for Josh. He didn’t like losing control, and right now, that house was a big loss of control for him. If he just kept walking, at least he felt a little more like the master of his destiny.

Yet, he was strangely drawn to the dwelling. The approaching structure looked as ordinary as ever, but with each footstep, something made Josh yearn to be inside that house. Or maybe it was because he was finally realizing just how hungry and thirsty he was right now.

Josh stood at the end of the driveway facing the house, an occasional car zooming past behind him. Mechanically, his feet started carrying him up the gravel path to the nondescript front door. Half hoping no one was home, and half desperate someone was, he watched as his finger pressed the button for the doorbell.

His insides leapt as he detected the low resonance of footsteps approaching the door from somewhere in the house. His eyes caught the shadow of a shape passing behind the curtain in the door’s window, and with a click of the latch, the door fell slightly open.

Author Bio
William Mohn headshot v1Creator, communicator, all-around swell guy. Thanks for reading my stuff! Tell your friends how awesome I am!

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New Release! Hidden Prospects by Karen Baney

Hidden Prospects by Karen Baney

Will the mistakes of her past threaten the hopes of her future?

Genre: Western Romance


Book Description
Millie Pritchett harbors a decades old secret that has kept her a spinster well into her late thirties. Because of the pain of her past mistakes, she has taken on a shy personality to protect her heart. When her father remarries and sends her away, she goes to Prescott, the town where her only friend lives. She never expected she would end up working for such an attractive business man. As her heart begins to hope for the future, she must keep her past from destroying it.

After years of supporting his mother and siblings, Paul Lancaster now has his independence. He splits his time between his placer mine and the boardinghouse he built for his mother. When a spinster comes to town to visit a friend, he wonders if she could be the love he has waited so long to find. In the midst of it all, his life turns upside down and he stands to lose both of his businesses.

Will the secrets of their pasts keep them from finding the hidden prospect of new love?

Author Bio
19569606_karen_closeup_leftKaren Baney, in addition to writing Christian historical fiction and contemporary romance novels, works as a Software Engineer. Spending over twenty years as an avid fan of both genres, Karen loves writing stories set in Arizona.

Her faith plays an important role both in her life and in her writing. Karen and her husband make their home in Gilbert, Arizona, with their two dogs. She also holds a Masters of Business Administration from Arizona State University.

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Ebook of the Day! Death On A Deadline by Christine Lynxwiler

Death On A Deadline by Christine Lynxwiler

Southern sisters become sleuths when murder strikes their small town

Genre: Cozy Mystery/Romance


Book Description
Arkansas sisters Jenna Stafford and Carly Reece share a dry wit, an unshakable faith, and a regrettable tendency to happen across murder. . .When Carly’s paperboy son is accused of killing the newspaper editor, Jenna and Carly go undercover to get the scoop and clear the teen’s name. But stop the presses! Will the next headline feature them exposing the real killer? Or will the sleuthing sisters end up in the obit column?

Reader Reviews on Amazon

“You can read the book in two days without putting it down.” -P. Hart

“It had clean romance and mystery.” -Susie D.

“Kept me guessing right up until the end and I loved the suspense.” -TX Gal

Author Bio
Christine Lynxwiler headshot v1Christine Lynxwiler lives with her husband and two daughters in the beautiful Ozark Mountains. A four-time winner of the prestigious American Christian Romance Writers’/American Christian Fiction Writers’ Book of the Year Award, Christine has written seventeen novels and novellas for Barbour Publishing.

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Blessings from Above by Heather Hart

Blessings from Above by Heather Hart

Don’t miss out on the biggest blessings of your life…

Genre: Bible Study, Inspirational


Book Description
How do you define blessings?

~ Are they something physical?

~ A position or relationship?

In His sermon on the mount, Jesus suggested that true blessings go much deeper than that–He taught that true blessings come from above.

Go deeper into the beatitudes with Heather Hart as she shares modern-day examples of biblical teachings. Each of the eight chapters is short, includes questions to ponder, and was designed to bring Christ’s message home.

Pick up your copy to discover true blessings from above.

Reader Reviews on Amazon

“I love how each begins with a verse and ends with questions and other verses.” -Justme

“I would highly recommend reading Blessings From Above : A Deeper Look at the Beatitudes.” -Tipt54

“Reading this book will help you reflect on the goodness of God and all He’s done for us through His Son Jesus Christ.” -Amazon Customer

Author Bio
View More: Hart is an internationally best-selling author and book lover. With the heart of an author, she enjoys working from home where she spends her days typing away at her computer, brainstorming new marketing ideas, reading new books, and encouraging those around her.

Heather’s desire is to help others successfully publish and market their books while continuing to author, contribute to, and market multiple book marketing and faith-based books herself – and to have fun doing it!

In her free time Heather writes and edits devotions for teens girls for the website, and volunteers for multiple other Christian websites. When she’s not reading, writing, or marketing, Heather loves spending time outdoors and seeing God’s beautiful creation all around her. Heather lives in Texas with her husband, Paul, and their four energetic children.

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The Buggy News by Sadie Palmer

The Buggy News by Sadie Palmer

A new job, a new beginning, a new love.

Genre: Christian Romance


Book Description
When Samantha Schuster and Steven Mueller were courting, she loved the fact that they worked at the same restaurant because it meant they’d get to see each other more often. But ever since Steven broke her heart, having to run into him every day at work is like pouring salt into her wound. She knows she has to make a change as soon as possible.

That’s when she stumbles on a job listing at the local Amish newspaper “The Buggy News.” Immediately she thinks this could be her chance to start over. What she doesn’t realize until after she gets the job is that the newspaper will test her strength and heart like never before. Does she have the faith to persevere and succeed, or has she just made the biggest mistake of her life?

Note: This is a spin-off stand alone series featuring Isaac and Rebecca Schuster’s daughter from “Amish Love Of A Lifetime.”

Reader Reviews on Amazon

“I love the way Sadie Palmer brings us into the life of the Amish.” -Mary G.

“It is very well written and held my interest from beginning to end.” -Mary J.

“I respect the Amish way of life they work hard.” -Judie

Author Bio
As a devout Christian, I feel blessed to be able to write faith-filled Amish stories. Having grown up near the Amish community of Holmes County, Ohio I have spent years close to their fascinating culture and have always admired their simplicity and strength. I treasure my family and faith and hope my stories bring inspiration to my readers.