Ebook of the Day! Death On A Deadline by Christine Lynxwiler

Death On A Deadline by Christine Lynxwiler

Southern sisters become sleuths when murder strikes their small town

Genre: Cozy Mystery/Romance


Book Description
Arkansas sisters Jenna Stafford and Carly Reece share a dry wit, an unshakable faith, and a regrettable tendency to happen across murder. . .When Carly’s paperboy son is accused of killing the newspaper editor, Jenna and Carly go undercover to get the scoop and clear the teen’s name. But stop the presses! Will the next headline feature them exposing the real killer? Or will the sleuthing sisters end up in the obit column?

Reader Reviews on Amazon

“You can read the book in two days without putting it down.” -P. Hart

“It had clean romance and mystery.” -Susie D.

“Kept me guessing right up until the end and I loved the suspense.” -TX Gal

Author Bio
Christine Lynxwiler headshot v1Christine Lynxwiler lives with her husband and two daughters in the beautiful Ozark Mountains. A four-time winner of the prestigious American Christian Romance Writers’/American Christian Fiction Writers’ Book of the Year Award, Christine has written seventeen novels and novellas for Barbour Publishing.

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Blessings from Above by Heather Hart

Blessings from Above by Heather Hart

Don’t miss out on the biggest blessings of your life…

Genre: Bible Study, Inspirational


Book Description
How do you define blessings?

~ Are they something physical?

~ A position or relationship?

In His sermon on the mount, Jesus suggested that true blessings go much deeper than that–He taught that true blessings come from above.

Go deeper into the beatitudes with Heather Hart as she shares modern-day examples of biblical teachings. Each of the eight chapters is short, includes questions to ponder, and was designed to bring Christ’s message home.

Pick up your copy to discover true blessings from above.

Reader Reviews on Amazon

“I love how each begins with a verse and ends with questions and other verses.” -Justme

“I would highly recommend reading Blessings From Above : A Deeper Look at the Beatitudes.” -Tipt54

“Reading this book will help you reflect on the goodness of God and all He’s done for us through His Son Jesus Christ.” -Amazon Customer

Author Bio
View More: Hart is an internationally best-selling author and book lover. With the heart of an author, she enjoys working from home where she spends her days typing away at her computer, brainstorming new marketing ideas, reading new books, and encouraging those around her.

Heather’s desire is to help others successfully publish and market their books while continuing to author, contribute to, and market multiple book marketing and faith-based books herself – and to have fun doing it!

In her free time Heather writes and edits devotions for teens girls for the website, and volunteers for multiple other Christian websites. When she’s not reading, writing, or marketing, Heather loves spending time outdoors and seeing God’s beautiful creation all around her. Heather lives in Texas with her husband, Paul, and their four energetic children.

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The Buggy News by Sadie Palmer

The Buggy News by Sadie Palmer

A new job, a new beginning, a new love.

Genre: Christian Romance


Book Description
When Samantha Schuster and Steven Mueller were courting, she loved the fact that they worked at the same restaurant because it meant they’d get to see each other more often. But ever since Steven broke her heart, having to run into him every day at work is like pouring salt into her wound. She knows she has to make a change as soon as possible.

That’s when she stumbles on a job listing at the local Amish newspaper “The Buggy News.” Immediately she thinks this could be her chance to start over. What she doesn’t realize until after she gets the job is that the newspaper will test her strength and heart like never before. Does she have the faith to persevere and succeed, or has she just made the biggest mistake of her life?

Note: This is a spin-off stand alone series featuring Isaac and Rebecca Schuster’s daughter from “Amish Love Of A Lifetime.”

Reader Reviews on Amazon

“I love the way Sadie Palmer brings us into the life of the Amish.” -Mary G.

“It is very well written and held my interest from beginning to end.” -Mary J.

“I respect the Amish way of life they work hard.” -Judie

Author Bio
As a devout Christian, I feel blessed to be able to write faith-filled Amish stories. Having grown up near the Amish community of Holmes County, Ohio I have spent years close to their fascinating culture and have always admired their simplicity and strength. I treasure my family and faith and hope my stories bring inspiration to my readers.

Ebook of the Day! The Devil’s Bridge by Fran Connor

The Devil’s Bridge by Fran Connor

One road leads to Hell and the other to Heaven. A soldier chooses.

Genre: Inspirational – Romance – Redemption


Book Description
In this gripping and uplifting story that spans two world wars and the hedonistic period in between, a soldier and a nurse find love and marry. But the soldier has a dark secret. He must commit evil acts ordered by a supernatural force that saved his life in the trenches. If he doesn’t, his wife’s life will be forfeit. If he does, he will spend eternity in Hell. His quest is to find an alternative.

Author Bio
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFran Connor is British and lives in SW France for the lifestyle and weather which helps an author’s creative juices. He writes novels, two published so far with two more coming out soon. Six of his eleven plays have been produced on stage. In his portfolio of screenplays are seven feature length scripts in several genres. Fran is a romantic at heart and this is reflected in his writing.

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Guest Blog Post: The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil by Sheila L. Jackson

God is looking for pure-hearted people that will stand on His Word and not live by the world’s standards of love, which says, “I’ll love you as long as you love me.” With all the hustle and bustle in today’s society, people are doing what is right in their own sight; living Holy takes on a whole new meaning. We lie, backbite and stir up trouble all in the name of Jesus. We profess to be saved, washed in the blood of Jesus, but can anyone see it? It is not enough to just go to church, jump and shout and get a good-for-the-moment feeling, but living holy is how we should live every day. What does it profit us to go to church and get nothing out of it? We all know people that are like this—saved and sanctified on Sundays and full another spirit during the weekdays. Is this the way God intended for His children to be?

Yes, Adam and Eve failed in the garden, but God left a new covenant, a new agreement that makes us new creatures in Him; we have no excuses for doing evil because our sins have been taken away by the blood of Jesus. He makes us new. If our behavior does not portray what a Christian should be, then pray to God that He will help mold and shape us into His image. With the Savior’s help, we do not have to remain the same.
No longer can the behavior of the first humans’ insolvency be used as a cop-out for our lack of self-control. The older generation says it best: “Every tub has to set on its own bottom.” We are responsible for what we do in our bodies, and every person will have to give an account, good or bad.

Author Bio
Sheila L. Jackson lives with her family in Shreveport, Louisiana. She is an anointed speaker, teacher, and writer that utilize her gifts to carry the Word of God to those in need of spiritual soul food. Sheila has penned two, inspirational non-fiction books, The Enemy Within and Through the Eyes of God. She has also written several inspirational and social articles for a local newspaper and magazine.

Genre: Christian Inspirational Non-fiction


Mirror of the Fall by Mildred Colvin

Mirror on the Fall by Mildred Colvin

Someone wants to kill Sonya. Is it her stepmother or someone else?

Genre: Fairytale, romance, suspense


Book Description
Sonya White’s world crashes as one disaster after another befalls her. Her stepmother has cancer, and her childhood friend begins making unwanted advances. Then she catches the man she loves kissing another girl. As if that isn’t enough, a caped figure makes three attempts on her life, and she’s forced to run to the safety of a family of sibling acrobats.

Is Sonya living a fairytale life? If so, will her prince rescue her and pledge his faithfulness forever? Or will she always be on the run, not knowing who is trying to kill her.

This Fairy Tale remake is slanted toward young adult readers as well as those who enjoy contemporary Christian romance and Christian suspense.

Author Note:
Sonya White’s world crashes as one disaster after another befalls her. Her stepmother has cancer, and her childhood friend begins making unwanted advances. Then she catches the man she loves kissing another woman. As if that isn’t enough, a caped figure makes three attempts on her life, and she’s forced to run to the safety of a family of sibling acrobats.

Loren Price loves Sonya and hopes to marry her when he graduates from college and secures a position in his father’s company. But Sonya accuses him of being unfaithful. Is it his fault she caught a girl he barely knows kissing him on the college campus? He convinces her of his innocence only to discover that someone is trying to kill her.

Is Sonya living a fairytale life? If so, will her prince rescue her and pledge his faithfulness forever? Or will she always be on the run, not knowing who is trying to kill her?
This Fairy Tale remake is slanted toward adult and young adult readers who enjoy contemporary Christian romance and Christian suspense. Mirror on the Fall is a clean, contemporary story that can be appreciated by any age group. It has romance, suspense, mystery, and action aplenty to keep readers turning pages and trying to figure out what will happen next. And who is that caped figure threatening Sonya’s life?

Book Excerpt
“Is something wrong?” Loren’s whisper brushed her cheek.
She jumped back. “No, of course not.”
With a quick smile, she kissed him and ran up the stairs.
Loren followed and caught her hand at the door. “You wouldn’t tease me, would you?”
“Tease you?” Sonya looked up into his eyes.
“Sure.” He pulled her closer. “You know, act like you want a kiss then run off.”
“Oh, no, of course not.” She glanced around the porch. They were covered from prying eyes here.
“Okay then, now I’ve walked you to the door, how about that kiss?” Loren’s gaze held hers as he lowered his head.
The distance between them disappeared, and she closed her eyes, allowing love for Loren to fill her heart as it pounded out her yearning for more. She wanted a commitment and marriage. After all, she was almost eighteen now. Plenty old enough. At least for an engagement. Then she forgot everything else as Loren’s lips touched hers, stealing her thoughts.
“I love you, Sonya.”
“Oh, Loren, I love you too.” Sonya looked up into his face as he pulled away.
A slight smile softened his expression. “College won’t last forever. Just two more years, and Dad has promised I’ll be head of the Art Department. You know how I love anything to do with art.”
What did that have to do with anything? She wanted a commitment, and he talked about finishing college and going to work for his father. “I know you’re very good with drawing and all. Two more years. I guess that isn’t so long.”
She gave him her sweetest smile. “If I don’t go in, Mom will come looking for me.”
He grinned. “We can’t have that. Give me one more kiss then I’ll go.”
She moved back into his arms. If only she could stay there forever. The kiss ended almost before it started. Or so it seemed. Sonya reluctantly pulled away. If only her dates with Loren could go on and on without end. What would it be like to wake up in the morning with him beside her? Warmth traveled through her body at the thought. Maybe someday.
Loren stepped back taking her hand in his. “Guess I’d better go. We don’t want to worry your mom in case she wakes up and you aren’t in the house.” He continually backed away with their hands stretched between them until their fingers no longer touched.
Sonya’s hand fell to her side as Loren turned and ran down the steps to his car. When his taillights twinkled out of sight around the corner, she opened the storm door and inserted her key in the lock. What was this? Something taped to the door? The porch light illuminated her name printed in bold black letters against a white envelope. She tore it open, pulled a single sheet of paper out, and read it.

Dear Sonya,
I know you’ve been out with Loren Price tonight, but do you realize how wrong you are to date him? He is not the best choice for you. For your own good, I urge you to turn from him and seek another—one who needs you and wants you.
Listen to me, Sonya. You’d better break up with Loren if you know what’s good for you. If you don’t, you’ll wish you’d never been born.
One who cares

How strange. After being frightened out of the park, now this. What was going on? She glanced around as if whoever was doing this would suddenly show himself. Crumpling the note in her hand, she went inside, relocked the door then hurried upstairs to her room. The house was dark with only nightlights illuminating the stairs and hallway, but Sonya could’ve found her way in total darkness. She’d never lived in any other house, and this one was as familiar as an old friend. And safe. Nothing would hurt her here.
Her mother’s door was closed, and no light showed under it. Sonya went to her room and tossed the wadded paper in the drawer of her bedside table. Someone was trying to scare her, and she didn’t like it. Maybe two people. She dug the note out of the drawer and smoothed it out as she read it again. At first it sounded like someone who might care, but the second paragraph changed into a threat. A shiver coursed through her as she replaced the paper.

Author Bio
Mildred Covin headshot v1Mildred Colvin has been writing sweet inspirational romance since 2001, and is an award-winning author of over thirty novels in both historical and contemporary themes, as well as three compilations, one audio book, and a growing number of e-books. Mildred is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and is active in two very special critique groups. She is also active in her church and enjoys special times with her husband, children, and grandchildren. Her hobbies, when she has time, include quilting, photography, and gardening. Of course, reading is more than a hobby. It’s a way of life.

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